The Summer School of Truth is a wonderful time for high schoolers across many different regions to come together in a warm, fun, caring environment to learn to enjoy the Lord and appreciate His word.

In order to create such a good atmosphere, there needs to be some expectations.
These expectations are designed so that everyone gains the maximum benefit from the camp.

I agree to:

  • follow the rules, arrangements, and regulations given by the camp staff and serving ones. (If there are any issues, please come talk to us).
  • come and participate in all the meetings and activities of the Summer School.
  • dress properly for every meeting.
  • stay within the camp boundaries for the whole period, unless permitted to leave by the serving ones.
  • not to have any particular relationship or friendship with any member of the opposite sex.
  • not smoke, nor chew gum, nor use digital equipment (other than a camera), nor to listen to secular music or read secular literature for the duration of the Summer School.
  • to hand in my mobile device on arrival or to not bring it. I understand I will not have access to my phone for the duration of the Summer School of Truth.
  • speak nothing negative or critical, and to keep a positive attitude.
  • treat all the staff and other participants at Summer School with courtesy and respect.

I agree that failure to comply may result in me being sent home at my own cost.

A copy of this agreement form can be downloaded here

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